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Turn Tilehurst Red 2019

We were honoured and delighted to be asked to light up the Tilehurst Water Tower again this year as part of the Remembrance Day celebrations. This year we focused on the image of the poppy as a theme instead of just colouring the tower red. 

TTR Tower

We were also delighted to learn that the lead organiser of the Turn Tilehurst Red event, Kate Taylor, has won a Pride of Reading Award for her efforts and that of her team - fantastic!

TTR Pride of Reading Award


After the event, Thames Water asked us to light up the tower in blue to give them an idea of what we could do. What we did is shown below!

TTR Blue Tower

We think it looks pretty impressive and hope that you like it!

The photos of the tower were kindly provided by Paul Clarke of S2S Photography. His FaceBook page is here.


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