Thames Tower

Thames Tower

Working with renowned artist, Stuart Melrose, we designed and built this incredible attraction. The aim was to create an installation where the surrounding environment reacted to the actions of people. To do this, we obtained a High-Striker machine and heavily modified it to run on batteries and with wireless data connections to the Thames Tower building. The building itself was filled with individually controlled lights on every floor that would show the results of each ‘test of strength’. The video below shows what it all looked like.

Thames Tower High Striker

The opening was televised by the BBC and the installation was widely covered by local radio and press. It also won an award!  (And, yes, some special modifications did ensure that little Freddie could outshine his dad!)

Thames Tower
Thames Tower
Thames Tower

APS designed the light show; and installed 100’s of individually controlled lights behind the windows of the tower block; including voiles in each window for the light effect to work. The heavily customised and stand-alone high-strike machine connected wirelessly to our lighting control desk (an Avolites Titan). Signals resulting from the High Striker were converted into a range of stunning lighting effects. Despite the numerous challenges, the goal was achieved more successfully than anyone expected. The installation was show-cased on the BBC news and won an ‘Innovation in the Arts’ award

“What an excellent way to culminate Reading’s eventful Year of Culture. We’re proud of the community engagement in this town, and pleased Thames Tower can serve as an interactive beacon of light for all to enjoy.“

James Silver

Development Director at Landid and Brockton Capital partnership 


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