Get the best from your party planner!

10 things to do to get the best from your party planner

  1. To make sure that your party planner is the right person for the job, meet up! Any planner worth their salt will jump at the chance of a no obligation meeting to get to know your requirements, how you work and what your expectations are.
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  2. References. Whenever you go for a job, your future employer asks for, and checks, references – you should do the same. Get the contact details of at least 3 of the party planner’s customers and ask them what went well and, just as important, what could be improved. Check things like timeliness, attention to detail, communication, problem-solving and flexibility.
  3. Be flexible. You may have an idea of what you want and that may be the end of it, but party planners do this for a living. Have some themes in your head, by all means, but bring an open mind to their ideas.
  4.  Have an idea of budget and let the planner know. You will save an awful lot of time and won’t face the disappointment of falling in love with a theme and then realise it’s more than you want to spend!
  5. Please give your party planner enough notice before the event. A party that has to be planned and delivered in three days won’t be as good as one that has been nurtured over three weeks!
  6. If you have a favourite caterer, bar, DJ etc., let the party planner know. They may have other people in mind, but you then have the luxury of choosing!
  7. Will the party planner (or an associate) attend the event – just in case something goes wrong? The best ones do so make sure yours does!
  8. Let your party planner do their job! It is sometimes tempting to get involved with the logistics of the party – just to help out. Best thing to do is let the party planner deal with it. They’ve done it before and you’re paying them to do it!
  9. Make your choice of party planner early and book them. Good party planners get booked early so the one’s that are free at short notice….well, need I say more?
  10.  When all is said and done, it’s your party and don’t forget that. Let the party planner guide you but you must make sure that you really enjoy yourself! Have a great party

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