Highclere Castle - Gin Launch

Highclere Gin Launch - Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle, the home of The Earl and Countess of Carnarvon (and, of course, Downton Abbey), was also the location for the launch of the new Highclere Castle London Dry Gin. The specially invited guests were treated to a drinks reception with dancing girls, a carousel and various entertainers (like the human statue, below!) 

Human Statue

Highclere Castle is a substantial and imposing building and we made sure that it was the centre of attraction by lighting it up with one of our Proteus hybrids. Not only that, we matched the eye-catching colour of the Highclere Castle Gin bottle - a deep, sultry purple.

The rest of the estate wasn't ignored with some of the magnificent trees


Highclere tree


and the Jackdaw's Castle - an old folly built on the hillside overlooking Highclere Castle - also receiving the APS treatment.


Jackdaw's Castle


But the obvious star of the show was Highclere Castle itself - a captivating sight, looking regal and elegant bathed in our lights.

Highclere Castle


It was a great pleasure to be able to work on such a beautiful and historic site and we would like to thank the Highclere Estate for allowing us to use these images and Covered Occasions (https://coveredoccasions.co.uk/.) who, as ever, were a pleasure to work with and as professional as always.

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