Breakthrough Learning Cupcakes

Breakthrough Learning - Charity Ball

Breakthrough Learning is a charity working with children and adults to develop their learning and thinking skills, helping them to succeed in the rapidly changing 21st century. They also help people understand their own emotions and those of others, giving them the tools they need to engage with society. When people are able to control their thinking and their emotions, they become more effective learners. The charity is based in Reading, Berkshire and has projects throughout the UK

Breakthrough Learning Logo


APS were please to help Breakthrough Learning by supplying lighting for their Charity Ball, held at Reading University. We illuminated the entrance to give a warm, welcoming feel.


Breakthrough Learning Entrance



Inside, we had moving-head lights projecting the charity's logo and a number of retro lamps to add to the warm, cosy atmosphere.


Retro Lamp


We think it is important to support our local charities and we wish Breakthrough Learning good luck in all their endeavours. If you wish to support this charity, please go to the Breakthrough Learning website.


CALL: 01189 33 32 39

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