Tilehurst Tower lit up for Armistice

Turn Tilehurst Red

We were very pleased to be asked, by our friends, Thames Water and Stanley Electronics, to work with them to light up the Tilehurst water tower as part of the Turn Tilehurst Red event in commemoration of the centenary of Armistice Day. The end result drew huge crowds and was featured on BBC’s South Today as well as BBC Radio Berkshire, Heart FM and LBC Radio. 

We feel it is very important to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Tilehurst Tower lit up for Armistice
Tilehurst Tower lit up for Armistice
Tilehurst Tower lit up for Armistice

It is important to know that the Turn Tilehurst Red event was much more than just turning the Tower red.

The Tilehurst community worked hard not only to sell poppies, but also to make ceramic and knitted poppies, hold a door-to-door collection, sell poppies painted on stones, hold a "Copper Poppy" event and secure corporate donations. They raised enough to send nearly £3,500 to the Tilehurst branch of the Royal British Legion and over £2,200 to provide two Poppy Memorial Benches. A fantastic community effort! 


A big thank you to Jason at APS Limited and Mark at Stanley Electrics for turning the Water Tower Red. Also to the two Thames Water guys who have worked every evening to make sure the people of Tilehurst could fully enjoy the experience, From all the people of Tilehurst and especially me, Thanks....

Kate Taylor

Turn Tilehurst Red Organiser


CALL: 01189 33 32 39

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Tilehurst Water Tower for Turn Tilehurst Red for Rememberance Sunday.Look what we did to the Tilehurst Water Tower! 
All for a fantastic cause, Turn Tilehurst Red for Rememberance Sunday. The illumination will start on Thursday 8th Nov through to Sunday 11th Nov. Listen in to hear our man, Jason Nash give interviews on BBC Radio Berkshire and on Thursdays edition of BBC South Today evening news.Beatles or Stones..?Beatles or Stones..?