APS designed the light show; and installed 100’s of individually controlled lights behind the windows of the tower block; including voiles in each window for the light effect to work. The heavily customised and stand-alone high-strike machine connected wirelessly to our lighting control desk (an Avolites Titan).  Signals resulting from the High Striker were converted into a range of stunning lighting effects.  Despite the numerous challenges, the goal was achieved more successfully than anyone expected. The

The Oracle Beacon

APS have a number of commercial and retail clients that we have created installations for to raise awareness and increase footfall and linger-time. One example is the beacon on the top of The Oracle Centre shopping mall in Reading.  APS designed and built a revolving mirrored light effect that can deliver a wide range of different coloured effects in accordance with our customer’s needs (for example, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day etc.).  The owners, Hammersons, feel that this landmark has become significant as the retail outlets complain if the Beacon is not turned on.  This installation also won an award for the Oracle Centre.

The Oracle Beacon
The Oracle Beacon
The Oracle Beacon

Since becoming something of an iconic feature in Reading, it is easy to see why the Oracle Beacon has become such a valuable landmark for the Oracle Shopping Centre. Not only does it act as a constant guide to would-be shoppers, it also helps the Centre act as a meeting place for lost souls and those who want to find out more about the strange light in the sky!


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