Summer Safety Tips

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Summer Safety Tips

Summer is in full effect. Not only are temperatures high, but outdoor pool fun and family gatherings are in full swing as well.


Beach towels and food for the barbecue are usually the first items on most people's list. But before you break out the charcoal, don't forget one of the most important things to check in order to ensure summer fun- Summer Safety. 


Checking for these 3 outdoor hazards will make sure you and your guests don't end up with summer memories you want to forget. 


Outdoor Outlets

  • You should place outlet covers on all outdoor outlets, especially those near swimming pools. This will ensure any splashing water does get inside the outlet.

  • Every outlet that you have installed outside also needs to be Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) rated. A GFCI rated outlet will automatically cut power when a plugged-in item comes in contact with water and protect you from electrical shock and electrocution. 


Extension Cords

  • Always keep cords away from pools and spas. It may seem more convenient to have your dj equipment pool-side, but wet cords can cause serious damage.

  • Always check that the extension cord is marked for outdoor use. Sure the extension cord that's been the power supply for your desk lamp hasn't given you any problems, but it's not built for outdoor elements. 

  • Never connect multiple extension cords to add length. Installed, try getting additional outlets installed to meet your needs.

  • Remember, extension cords should never be used for a long-term or permanent solution. If you need the additional power outside, hire a licensed electrician to install an electrical outlet.


Pool/Spa/Hot Tub

  • If you have a swimming pool, spa, or hot tub have a  licensed electrician  come out to ensure it is properly installed.

  • Also, ask your licensed electrician to double check that the power supply for the pool/spa/hot tub is sufficient.


Remember, many electrical devices such as outlets and switches will malfunction if water gets inside. Having a licensed electrician come out for a safety check is one way to ensure this summer is your  best one yet.

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